CFG and OC Lock BIOS code to re-activate undervolt - Alienware 15 r3


I’m an Alienware 15 r3 owner and a recent BIOS/Windows update has disabled Throttlestop/XTU undervolting. I believe this is related to the whole Intel “Plundervolt” fix. I’ve tried re-verting to older versions of BIOS (that Dell will allow) with no success. I’ve read on some online forums that you can modify the BIOS code for CFG and OC lock which basically when switched to 0x00 from 0x01 will “magically” enable under-volting again. However apparently the code differs between laptop models/BIOS versions and apparently needs to be extracted from the original bios file using python/UEFI tool/extractor etc. I’m not tech savvy enough to do this and and I cant find any code posted by owners of an Alienware 15r3.
Does anyone know how to extract a bios file and find the hidden code for these CFG and OC locks?