ch341a asus z170 pro gaming bios flash/mod

hi.i bought a ch341a programmer to flash bios in my chip. i wanted to save my current bios but once i was trying to uncheck erase in auto section i found that in black edition sofware they are moved to operate tab and looked like my chip data was erased.i used asus .cap file to extract image and flashed it after placing random uuid and serial using fd44editor as i didn’t want to unscrew mother board to see labels and didn’t know how to use printed uuid in fd44.but system won’t show screen and just boot up and fans working but i have no i need to disable intel me?

The SPI programming and the boot of the motherboard in correct working state has nothing to do with its data.
Intel image is was not extracted well or u have to use another programming soft version.

oh thanks and should i recover my own uuid and serial or i can simply enter random mac and etc to get things done ?

Why u dont want to use the correct data original data from the motherboard? Its a fake motherboard…lol?
EDIT: Usually we transfer with FD44 editor from a backup

it needs hex editor i think?i don’t know how to use it.and dont even know where is it the label on top of mother board?it looks like uuid wo - but it is not in asus format.

and it is original asus z170 pro gaming

i lost data on chip as i’m stupid. was going to use my own data but i erased it by accident as i mentioned at first.i need help to get my pc run again.ty

No backup then, sry in the motherboard u have the SN
[REQUEST] Help adding back MAC address and board serial number in AMI BIOS file for ASUS M5A88M-EVO board
Good luck.