CH341A compatibility

how can i know if CH341A is compatible with my bios chip

my bios chip is

| winbond |
| 25q80dvnig |


Thats not a programmer issue, its the flash app database itself, that doesn’t contain the IC spec data.

And that’s a 1 MByte (8MBit chip), if that really is your bios chip this is a very old board?

how can i know if app contains ic spec data?

i dont know if board is very old but the laptop version is kinda new

it is acer Aspire 7 A715-51G

What’s the app you’re using with the programmer?

This is, if not mistaken, an Intel 12Th Gen laptop, that IC reference can’t be the SPI holder of the system bios.

Aspire 7 A715-51G XXXX (there’s more numbers for reference, so its incomplete data model)

If it uses this motherboard:

This is the main SPI, 256Mb

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i am using neoprogrammer
it is Aspire 7 A715-51G-563h

i found this chip can i use neoprogrammer with it ?


Damm sir…look at your motherboard reference model or confirm my posted images model and IC.
NeoProgrammer can deal with ICs WinBond 25Q256JVxx
So what happened to the “25q80dv” ??? That is also in the Neo database…