CH341a not detected

Hi guys, i just bought a ch341a pro in order to flash the bios on my motherboard, a msi z77a g43 gaming, and yesterday it was detected and i could not manage to flash the bios, but that’s another story because today, when i plugged the ch341a back in, both lights turned on but it was no longer detected by my pc, i tried two pc, and none detected it, i measured the output voltage when plugged in, and they seem good, so any idea what the issue might be?

Socket empty / no clamp connected?

Yep, tryed with nothing connected and with everything connected, also the main chip gets hot fast on the ch341a

Both lights without writing sometimes appear when to high current is drawn by board / chip, but with nothing connected… If there’s nothing obvious like a cracked soldering it’s just buying a replacement?

You didn’t try the often mentioned 3V mod?

@lfb6, we need driver for CH341? (303.0 KB) (247.9 KB)
pnputil -add-driver *.inf /install

At least yesterday drivers seemed to have been installed and working?

@lfb6 You can see your drivers by DriverStore Explorer

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After testing everything on the board, it seems like the main chip itself fried, i just ordered 2 new ones on amazon, so it should be good to go

I’m not quite sure, the CH341A can cause some damage by applying a too high voltage for some memory ICs (the exact explanation/warning can be found on the Libreboot website, Libreboot – Read/write 25XX NOR flash via SPI protocol).

Perhaps (in case it should be a CH341A) you could make sure to choose a programmer that has a voltage level adjustment included on the board or just try to use a Raspberry Pi with flashrom if you have one lying around.