[CH341A Problem] Trying to fix GA-B450M DS3H Rev 1.0

Went to update the BIOS from Gigabyte website and when it restarted, there was nothing but a blank screen. All LEDs and Fans turned on, but there was nothing going to the USB ports or the HDMI port. Wouuldn’t POST. So I bought a CH341A programmer, downloaded ASprogrammer, and was able to detect the chip, MX25U12873F. Now I don’t know which file I am supposed to be using to program the chip in ASProgrammer. I downloaded the BIOS from the Gigabyte website and changed the file extension to .bin. Then I opened that file in ASprogrammer and selected UNPROTECT->ERASE->PROGRAM->VERIFY…it erased the chip, and began to program, but then it stopped after a few seconds and says at the bottom “VERIFICATION ERROR ON ADDRESS:”. Can someone please tell me what I need to be doing? I’m not entirely sure that I’m opening the correct file to program to the chip. I’m also not sure that I am doing this in the right sequence. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I’ve read your other post, the modern AMI V core bios images from Gigabyte bios files are not valid for the use of an SPI direct flash.
I think you may need a valid dump and add/correct the motherboard data. The user lfb6 might give you a better insight of this issue, but ive not seem him around for a month now.
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