CH431A powers off while clips are connected

Hi all,

I am brand new at attempting to read/write to a BIOS chip, so unfortunately, I don’t really have the know-how to determine what the correct behavior of the CH431A should be.

In essence, I want to write a new BIOS to a soldered chip, as that BIOS went bad after an update and will no longer POST. Additionally, I have a bunch of useless computers sitting around, so I thought I’d experiment on them to learn a thing or two about BIOS reading/writing.

The spare computers use mounted bios chips, so I removed one and put it straight into the CH341A and looked for it in AsProgrammer - found it, could read from it without issue. However, when attempting to use the clips to read from the very same chip, I could simply not get it to work. It would remain powered on if the clips weren’t connected at all, or if they were, it would either power off upon being plugged into my computer usb slot, or if it did stay powered on, it wouldn’t be able to detect the chip.

Could anyone experienced with this device give me a heads up as to whether this is known behavior, and what I’m doing wrong with using the clips? It would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards.