[CHALLENGE] Bring to life(again) a Vbios bricked laptop

Hi I bricked my vbios of my computer raising the TDP from 65 to 185. The model is gl702zc, someone can help me with this with ideas or posibilities please?


@Upgrader001 - What vBIOS did you edit, one in BIOS, or one on a separate from BIOS vBIOS chip? How did you dump it and how did you flash it, this will answer my question if you are unsure.
Can you see anything on screen if you connect to external display outs? Connect to one, then boot and wait a few minutes, then if nothing, shut down and try the next connector (must be connected before power on)

If it’s on a card that has it’s own vBIOS, then you may be able to boot to external display using the onboard graphics from CPU, then you can fix from there.
If not, you will need flash programmer like CH341A + SOIC8 / SOP8 test clip with cable, then take system apart and dump current vBIOS chip contents, and write back the original vBIOS you dumped to edit initially.