Change Bios version number in rom file


is it possible to change the bios version number to another ?

Or better how to find it with MMTOOL V3.22 and change it in this bios link
I changed some OROMs and but in the Meltdown an spectre patch

What i tried:

looked in MMtools for ID 80 Image information and 0C Romid

and i checked the wohle file with HxD for 0602 found to places and replaced it but nothing is changed. (search was in text not in hex)
i hex i don t know how to search.


@mujuli - What is the goal / why?

hi @Lost_N_BIOS

thanks for your answer.

I changed all rom files and brought my bios on the latest firmware versions and i would like to share it and therefor i would like to change the number for better traceability.

I attached a picture of the Version an the DATE there is written

I used for the start a modded bios with the microcode patch:
CPU Microcode Updated to latest [106A4 Revision 13 (2015-06-30), 106A5 Revision 1D (2018-05-11), 206C2 Revision 1F (2018-05-08), 206C0 Revision 1C (2009-12-14)].

then i change this roms

INTEL ICH10R SATA RAID Controller: v13.5.0.2164 (SSD TRIM support in AHCI and RAID modes)
Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller - Bios : v1.0.0.1038
Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller - Firmware: v2.1.0.1413
Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller - Bootloader: v1.0.1.0002b
JMicron JMB36X Controller: v1.08.01 (AHCI Patched)
INTEL 82567V-2 Gigabit Network: v1.5.85

the only one things is missing chang the version number.

picture of bios.jpg

@mujuli - So you want to change the date/version of what you see in EZ Flash? Do you have flash programmer in case = brick?
What do you want the version and date changed to? Please attach file you want edited.


thanks for the answer.

yes i would like to change DATE and Version.

i canĀ“t upload a rom file or a zip file i store it on dropbox.


Date and Version:


Date: 25/07/2020
Version: 2507

Better. i have two Bios chips on the mainboard an can switch with a simple button and i have a tool included its called BIOS ROM utillity V4.24 so i think i am able to restore it with this tool very fast. Or is this not possible ?

@mujuli - You can attach zip or rar here, just has to be under 6MB

Sorry, not sure what BIOS Rom Utility is, run it and see. But since you have BIOS switch, if it bricks, you can switch to other BIOS, boot to BIOS, enter EZ Flash then switch to the bricked BIOS and reflash it with stock BIOS again.
Major version cannot be changed from 06, at least not in certain areas (such as EZ Flash), do you want 0607 instead?


sorry my fault i tried to upload a .7z file :wink:
Attached as a zip file
I attached a picture of the BIOS Rom Utility and i attached a foto of the bios chips.

enter EZ Flash then switch to the bricked BIOS and reflash it with stock BIOS again.

its not possbile i cant switch the bios during running. but enter the BIOS Rom Utility is one of the first things that are shown. So idon t know but if its brick (i never had this) but in that case the bios try to load and get stucked or ?

no worries i wil order something like that in case of failure. Flasher

ok 0607 should be fine too :wink:



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