Change defaults on IPISB-CU BIOS - Boot with UEFI graphics card


I was trying to upgrade a computer by adding a used GTX 1050 to replace the onboard Intel HD graphics.
The motherboard doesn’t support UEFI graphics cards, so the monitor output freezes when booting with this graphics card. There is a work around video I found on Youtube that has you plug in a compatible PCI-E graphics card, and then enable “Integrated Video” option in the bios, Save settings Then set INTEL VGA controller as Primary in the Advanced > PCI VGA Configuration menu.

I can’t do this as all my PCI-E video cards are newer and all my older video cards are AGP x8 or older.

These settings are only shown after a graphics card is plugged into the PCI-E slot.

Is there a way to have these settings set by default so it doesn’t set the PCI-E graphics as primary by default when plugged in?

I can’t post links but a Google Search for “IPISB-CU 7.16” will give you a site with a link for the BIOS I have installed and a search for “Gtx750 UEFI work around for HP IPISB-CU (CARMEL 2) / HP Pavilion p7-1205” will give you the video with the work around I can’t use.

It could be… change FDO jumper to disable, make a dump FPT -d spi.bin
Its an Aptio4 Core so try unlocking with AMIBCP 4.xx the hidden settings to USER and flash again the mod with FPT, at ur own risk of breaking or not the system.

I get “Error 367: [FPT.exe] cannot be run on the current platform. Please contact your vendor.” when trying to run this from a FreeDOS flash drive. I don’t see a FD0 jumper but I see one labeled “FLASH_OVERRIDE”

Yes the one (FDO) FLASH_OVERRIDE, Intel FPT tool 7 or 8 depending on the current ME FW.
Intel FPT tools can be dangerous to newbie users… not going to teach u or no one else.
Intel Management Engine

I dumped my current bios to an image. Opened it in AMIBCP v4.53 and changed all the Access/Use for the listed control group structures to USER from default. Then I reflashed the bios using the modded rom file.

I don’t see anything extra settings in the BIOS. I verified that it worked by dumping the bios again into modded.rom and reopening it with AMIBCP. It has the Access still set to USER for all the control groups.

EDIT: Wait, I didn’t open the directory tree on left side view. There’s more things to change from default…

So I changed all the sub categories to USER and now I can see the “PCI VGA Configuration” option. But It only has one option “Intel VGA controller Primary VGA device” since I don’t have a compatible PCI-E GPU plugged in. Now when I plug in a non-compatible PCI-E GPU and start the system it freezes like before. I’m assuming because I changed the hardware by added a GPU so it sets THAT to the default so the system freezes.

Is there a way to choose the default device to “Intel VGA controller” for PCI VGA Configuration? I only see one reference to it when I open the ROM in AMIBCP and that’s the one I set to USER

That involves changes in the defaults of NVRAM variables, this settings SHOULD not be changed in AMMIBCP as it breaks bios, use IFRextract to edit variables, plenty of examples in forum in variable edit.