Change Fan Speed/Voltage Tolerance in BIOS to avoid "Fan Error" when changing to Custom Fans in OEM Builds.

So I have changed the Stock fans in a Lenovo thinkcentre to custom Noctua fans, that run much more quite than the stock fans.

Unfortunately the Lenovo BIOS has some check that gives an error at boot if the fans run below a certain RPM limit and you need to press F2 to resume boot everytime. After that the fans run fine.

You can read about this issue here:…an-is-it-faulty

and here…ns/td-p/3721181

I’m sure that you can change this behavior by modding the BIOS.

Anyone knows how to mod the BIOS to either ignore this check, or make the fan Speed limits more tolerable?

I’d be interested in modding the BIOS of a Lenovo M92p. What setting or module do I have to change to achieve this?

Anyone can explain or hint me to a tutorial for it?