Changes within the Forum Structure

@all members and visitors of this Forum:

as you may have already realized, I have slightly customized the structure and the content of the Forum Categories and Subforums.
These were the main reasons:

  1. Since a few days we have a new and very important “Spectre/Meltdown” discussion about the vulnerability of CPUs and about what can be done by the users to protect their system. This requires an appropriate location within this Forum.
  2. Our Forum offers various guides about how to get NVMe support for old systems and some of them became meanwhile very popular. Unfortunately these guides were located within different Forum Categories (“Drivers” or “BIOS Modding”, depending on the related method). My conclusion was, that it would be much easier for the users to find the best option for their specific system, if all these different guides about the same topic would be merged into a special Subforum.
  3. Within the Forum Category “Special Topics” we had already the Subforums "Win7/8/10 " and “XP/W2k/W2k3”, but users, who wanted to post anything about iOS or Linux, couldn’t find an appropriate location for their request resp. info.

These are the most important changes:
  • Category “Special Topics”:
    1. New: Creation of a Subforum named “[HOT] Spectre/Meltdown problems” and movement of the related posts/threads into it
    2. New: Creation of a Subforum named “[HOW-TO’s] NVMe Support for old Systems” and movement of the related threads into it
  • New:
    • Creation of a Category “OS related Topics”, movement of the already existing Subforums “Windows 7/8/10” and “Windows XP/W2k/W2k3” into it and creation of a new Subforum "Other Operating Systems"

If anybody has a better idea regarding the Forum structure or additional recommendations, please let me know it.

By the way: The official Forum eMail address has been changed from to The code of the Forum “Donation” buttons have already been updated, the Forum’s “Legal Notice” will be customized by our hoster Xobor very soon (I cannot do it myself).

Have a nice weekend!

UPDATE: To make it easier to find everything about the topic “CPU Microcodes” within the same Subforum, I have renamed the title of the new Subforum “[HOT] Spectre/Meltdown problems” to “[HOT] CPU Microcode Optimization” and moved all CPU Microcode related guides and discussions into this new Subforum.