Changing System Information After Bios Flash Lenovo y540

So the story is I ended up trying to downgrade my bios for undervolting and it corrupted. I reprogrammed the bios chip with a mini programmer and a clip with a modded bios so i could boot into the laptop. i updated to the newest bios version but noticed my system sku, serial and mtm were invalid. I have all the information from the sticker underneath the laptop but i’m not sure how to edit that information so the lenovo vantage software can detect that my device is a lenovo y540 and not an IdeaPad (Modded Bios).


Do you still have a dump of the corrupted BIOS? They could be merged.

i do. not sure how to do that.

is there no tool to manually input all that information?

I don’t know. I can only guarantee that merge method will work. Just move the module with the GUID starting with FFF12B8D from the corrupted BIOS to the working one. This can be done using UEFITool.

We need a guide thread for this issue. "How can we recover manufacturer information when we didnt have any bios dump file?"

[Solved] How to extract UUID from a corrupted BIOS Backup?

I have a Y540 and experienced simiar issue, but now fixed. You can refer this