Check bios for Spectre/Meltdown Micocodes

Does this bios have any Spectre/Meltdown Micocodes ? If so, then can you share an easy way to remove them ?



Only corrected after 2018 mcodes, so no.

EDIT: Damm sir… is it really so hard for u using a search engine???

what exactly are those microcodes, and what will happen if i remove them all ?

They’re updates for the CPU.

Generally they correct CPU errata and for Spectre and Meltdown include ways of handling or refusing certain code structures or specific instructions.

I suspect you heard Spectre and Meltdown uCode hampers CPU performance? You’d be right, but only in certain situations and uses, typically on server CPUs built on the same architectures. Which is precisely also where the vulnerabilities are more likely to be targeted.

So the actual choice you are asking about is fast and higher probability of executing code wrong or slightly less fast in 99.8% of end-user situations and maybe similar probability of being correct.

If you remove the microcode from the BIOS it probably makes no difference if they are old as the OS will patch them in anyway (to whatever level (MS if you run Windows) have determined is okay). Linux kernel also updates uCode but can actually be updated more independently of the OS, Windows you just kind of have to accept - or disable the OS files from loading, separate topic, easily researched.

If you remove the microcode from the BIOS you will get the factory shipped chip with all it’s errata, even the corrected stuff prior to Spectre / Meltdown updates (that the OS doesn’t correct for you, unless you disable it).

Bobosaurus >>> what have ? "cpu ID or name" your post look similar my cpu MC "7820hk?"

@winactive has true ,.if you has old MC in bios - is used from Windows
and performance ?? for this cpu is difference zero "if you have any 7TH cpu" - tested

edit -example
,…,for 7820HK" I tested lot MC updates for better OC or performance – best is last for security / bug repairs from latest MC.
for my cpu this not have any different effect :d

list for KB updates / windows version “what contains”

or for latest MC - you must use INTEL web

Be careful with this. Removing the microcode(s) can sometimes result in a no POST situation and the "Check CPU" error code (the exact debug code will depend on the manufacturer).

Recovering from this may require a EEPROM programmer to reflash the BIOS (unless your motherboard has BIOS recovery like Asus Flashback or is an AMD chipset such as X570 or later).

why would he remove the microcode on the bios? you wont get a post/boot if you dont remove the microcode on the bios. try to dump the bios here and maybe we could try update it…

He might get a boot. Sometimes the board will recognise a family of chips and give the family and speed.

It might even say ‘engineering sample’ given some stuff shipping from Intel at points :slight_smile:

Or as has been pointed out - no POST and a black screen :slight_smile: