Checking for Skylake micro-code

My Skylake micro-code version is BA, but I wanted to see if anyone has any issues with revision BE. I know I am staying away from C2 until Intel fixes their end
CPU - 506E3

C2 I believe is considered safe on Skylake. I have been using it without issue now.

I have it (C2) but I am experiencing slightly lower performance on benchmarks compared to earlier microcodes.

@elisw - My friend also has the same board and tested out the C2 and got the same results. I did not see the results in numbers, but when I was at her house and ran the system it was definitely slower all around. I want to upgrade the micro code, but after seeing two systems (another friends) with C2 I just stayed away. But I saw BE and wondered how did that fair? Hence why I am here

@davidm71 - I guess at this point 2 for bad and 1 for good. BTW, thanks for all the helpful posts, really good dialog

Thanks to both of you. hopefully more can chime in on their micro code experience.

I have been using Skylake (506E3) microcode version C2 without problem since end of December (modded into EFI with UBU). Before that i was using version BE for more than month without problem. According to Intel in their advisory version C2 for Skylake is safe…te-guidance.pdf

Thanks Feyd1364 for the info. My friend has the same board as I, but he tried it and got some strange things happening; most on desktop. When highlighting a bunch of files the files would jump to another part of the screen. If you clicked one icon, all would get selected. Just weird when I saw what he was talking about. He went back to BA and those things never happened.

However, you got me thinking that if I remember he told me he was using the latest UEFI BIOS from Asus. Now that he went back he is back on the previous UEFI BIOS. Maybe that is key here, not sure, but those are the differences. For now I am going to try the BE on the second from newest UEFI BIOS. I have that second one and it has been very good and solid, but with all the buzz going around I did not want to take that chance and update to the newest UEFI BIOS with the C2. That’s just me. Good to hear that BE has been good to you.

@denaba ,

I experienced the same or similar issues with the windows explorer in regards to graphic anomalies and C2 skylake microcode update. I had to do a clean install of my video drivers to fix it. This was with Nvidia 1080 hardware…

So reading another thread here, the "old" C2 which was released in the 20180108 had issue which you experienced davidm71. Intel pulled that package back and now the document dated Feb 20, 2018 says Intel will release the "new" version; basically in some up coming package?

Q2 - And that in that new package the C2 will have the same version and date of release!

Wow, nice way to confuse the public [statement].

Blame Intel not me! Anyhow they clearly state that C2 was re-released WITHOUT modification:

Clearly not you, but definitively Intel!!