Chinese mutant CPU QTJ2 with IHS heatsinks?

I’m kind of interested in those Chinese mutant CPUs which are mobile ES chips soldered onto an adapter PCB. QTJ2 in particular. One seller has them with IHS, but you have to modify the CPU socket by adding spacer shims at the mounting screw locations. This would obviously increase the height of the socket bracket by what I would guess is 1.5-2mm. I asked if it’s compatible with a stock Intel cooler and his response:

Intel 1151 cooler is NOT ok, it not have good cooling function for modified processors. we suggest yo use 6 copper pipes or 8 copper pipes cooling fans.

That leads me to 2 questions that maybe only someone who has owned one of these chips can answer.

  1. Is the Intel stock cooler physically incompatible due to lifting the socket bracket up?
  2. If I don’t OC the CPU, does it really generate so much heat a stock Intel cooler won’t work? It’s just a 45W-rated CPU designed for mobile use. I realize Intel TDP means nothing, but it’s hard to imagine a mobile chip runs that hot.

Even if it’s compatible it’s not recommended to. a 4 copper pipes should be pletnty, or even better, lap the cpu IHS + use nickel plated base cooler + good thermal paste for best thermal tranfer.

Also yeah, intel mobile chip on a desktop chip DOES not behave the same like on laptop. they tend to be hotter since the thermal limits are usually no applied. they’re hot even on a laptop itself (tested, mounted it directly using nickel plated cooler and itdoes transfer real good).

If you manually lock the power consumption at 45W or even 65W, using intel’s original 1151 heatsink to dissipate heat to the QTJ2 is completely fine, but it is not locked by default! Desktop motherboards will take full advantage of the CPU!

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Thanks for the replies, that makes sense. I hadn’t considered in modern CPUs the TDP is when limits are enforced.

I don’t even see PL1/PL2 power limit settings in my 1151 board BIOS. How are power limits enforced on 1151 motherboards and CPUs when there are no settings? Or maybe I’m just not seeing the settings, could they have different names on 1151 boards?

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