Choices for old but reliable HP 8100 Bios limitation on RST

Hi everyone,

I stumbled across this forum while searching for a solution to a Intel RST setup on my old but reliable HP Compaq 8100 Elite Minitower.

I was very hopeful to be able to set up two 3tb HDDs in Raid 1 until I hit the wall with the 2tb limitation.

I am running what I believe to be the latest bios update released (786H1 v01.13) which is stuck at Intel RST which I believe is a few updates short of recognising drives larger than 2tb

I read through a post here which I am not yet allowed to quote where some of the replies appear to be quite terminal but the thread is 6 years old and perhaps the possibility of modding a slightly newer version of the rst is there now?

Should this be a solid NO would anyone recommend an old PCI Raid /sata controller that allows me for larger drives while being reliable? I know the PC is old but I have it on Win10pro with an I7-870, 16gb RAM and 1gb Ati Radeon 6450 and it does everything I need and more so I don’t have a need for new stuff if there is a logical way around it…

If it can be done I can post the bios file and/or any other thing that might be needed…

Thanks in advance for any guidance!