Clearing AMD BSL

I hope someone can help me with this here :slight_smile:
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Now to my question.
How to clear the AMD Bad Sector log?
I cant find it anywhere in the raidxpert Web Interface? The manual has a reference to "BSL Log cleared"
So there must be an option somewhere.
The HDD are fine, it seems. I checked them with seagate seatools "Fix All Long" Test.
Smart also shows no reallocated sectors.
So i think it was just a timing issue.

Thank you.

There is obviously nobody within this Forum, who knows the answer.
I am sorry about that.

The only way to recover bad sectors I know of Fernando is to do a low level format of the disk. This will recheck the sectors and mark the ones it cannot recover. All SDD drives(that I know of) have spare space built into them for bad sectors so you do not lose space. As the drive comes across a bad bit it swaps it out for a spare good one. If to many occur you should get the drive replaced, same as you would for and other drive.