clevo bios

Hi. I have got Clevo N650DU. i’ve updatet bios in EFI shell, now i want to unlock some hidden options. i can open fie “N650DU.06” in AMIBCP and save it with changes. can i update bios in efi shell with this changed file like the first time?

link to directory with bios:!y6gmVQjb!JaBAZIkMynaX7h0zLbwirQ

I do not know about “Updating BIOS in EFI shell”? You can make variable changes there, but I’m not familiar with actually updating the BIOS there. It can likely be done that way though, if you have done that before you can do it again I assume.

Most of the time, people test some changes in EFI Shell (Changes to setup_var or other variable points), and then once they like what they changed, they make the actual changes in a BIOS file, then flash that edited BIOS file how you would normally update your BIOS.
So yes, if you tested the changes and you want them, then make changes in setup module or AMIBCP, save that BIOS and then flash it however you usually flash BIOS, that would be the normal procedure.

All Clevo I have modified, usually have two BIOS and a batch file to update BIOS. If you are using that batch file, then you will need to either edit the batch file to use only one of the BIOS files, or edit both BIOS files with same changes before flashing.