Took forever to find this, but it is the OFFICIAL CLEVO repository.

If you need BIOS or EC for your Clevo machine: > CLICK HERE <

Thank you very much.

I have an NH55AFW which came with BIOS version 1.07.01 and for some reason Clevo shipped it with virtualization (AMD-V) disabled in the BIOS and no option to enable it.

After some emails back and forth with Clevo marketing, they eventually confirmed that AMD-V only came enabled from BIOS version 1.07.03 onwards, but that I should request it from my reseller, who turned out to be useless…

Good thing I stumbled upon your post. The BIOS version for my model, in the link you provided, is 1.07.05 and worked like a charm. I can now resume working with 64 Bits VM’s.

Funny enough, there’s still no option in BIOS to enable/disable Virtualization / AMD-V / SVM

@GooballDiesel Wow, just over 4.2GB of files in this collection - thanks for sharing!

@GooballDiesel Thank you very much for sharing :slight_smile: