Coffee Lake mod on a Optiplex 5040

I was wondering how does Coffee Lake mod work. I put the OptiPlex into service mode so I could extract the full BIOS directly off the chip.

Should I continue with the mod if the only BIOS file it recognizes is the dump directly from the chip. When using the BIOS file I extracted from the Dell website, it reported that it was corrupted.

Another thing I’m wondering about is whether a Intel ME downgrade or disable is required for the mod to work.

Should I disable BIOS Lock or not under the NVRAM settings?

Which microcodes do I add in. Should I add them all? And each of the microcodes have different addon options, so I’m wondering how that works.

Finally, it seems like Intel GOP Driver is on 9.0.1107, which seems to be above the minimum version required for Coffee Lake mod. However, the CoffeeTime seems to refuse to update the VBIOS for whatever reason. Each time I press replace, the program says processing, before returning to a screen with the same VBIOS Version

Below, I have the CoffeeTime Microcode options menu and the Intel ME Verbose output.

Intel Coffee Time.png