Cometlake mobile on LGA 1151 motherboard modding ?

Hello , anyone mod bios with Cometlake mobile cpu’s for 1151 motherboard ?

Don’t trust sellers from aliexpress.
There is no suitable for LGA1151 mobile CPU with Comet Lake core.
QTJ1 and QTJ2 are Coffee Lake with CPUID=0x906ED.

I got it here


QTJ0,QTJ1,QTJ2 are 906ED
shared with Intel Core i9-9980HK,i9-9880H
look here at Intel dokuments
but i asked Martin from HWinfo
"Those are indeed “Comet Lake-H”, they were special transient SKUs for CML and are referred as CML at Intel."
means they run as comet lake but are internaly still coffee lake’s.