Compal HGL31 and Sata SSD

I have an older laptop Compal HGL31. It has the Sata1 controller and only IDE mode. No mode selection in bios.
I bought a SSD (Sata 6Gb/s), but the bios doesn’t show the SSD as a hard drive.
Is the modification even possible to add ahci or not?

I didn’t find the newest 116A bios but a 025a is attached.

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Intel 945/ICH7 Chipset limitation.

I read forums and came to similar thread:

Are there any SSD-s that support the old controller and IDE mode?

Not of my knowledge…as SATA/ATA interface protocol do support auto negotiation with host bus to lower speed.
Even if existed such SSD the limitation on chipset/ATA bus is always present, so there was no need to introduce such device in the market.
Still many users are quiet happy in their old machines with IDE interface and could get an SSD with an adaptor, always aware of their hw limitation regarding maximum transfer rates due to chipset/ATA Bus.
No more miracles here my friend, good luck.

Okay so my tests are:
A-Data SU630 - Doesn’t show up in bios. So no go…
Samsung 840 Evo - Showed up in bios. Cloned Win10 install to SSD and Win10 is working like charm. The computer feels like new.
Samsung 860 Evo - Showed up in bios. Didn’t test further.