Compatibility of a NVIDIA RTX 3070 Graphics Card

Hello all,
I’m thinking of buying an RTX 3070. Will it be compatible and run smoothly with my
old MSI X79A GD45 8D motherboard? shows even RTX 3090 to be compatible with such an old
motherboard. Just wanted to make sure before purchasing.
My apologies if posting in the wrong section but couldn’t find more appropriate one.

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@fftc :
Provided, that the PSU of your PC delivers enough power for your desired add-on GeForce RTX 3070 Graphics card, I don’t see any compatibility problem.
Another question is, whether your old mainboard is able to handle the new graphics card the same way as a modern mainboard.
>Here< is a discussion about a rather similar topic, which may help you.

You can use any GPU in terms of compatibility like Ricardo said as long as you have a good PSU with enough power for it…

Just stay away from anything AMD side below the RX6700 XT because they only use PCI-e 8x and you would lose a lot on PCI-e 3.0.

Anyway you can probably type the CPU you have on youtube with the RTX 3070 and see how it performs.

The best is that the GPU is kept either at 99 - 100% usage or very close to it on the resolution you play, if it’s kept with low usage would mean you are losing a lot of performance of the GPU because of CPU or RAM or PCI-e or a combination of any of them or all together (this is all according that you don’t use Vsync or lock to 60FPS in games where the 3070 would be more than plenty for it as it would never have 100% usage when locked on games that it doesn’t need more GPU power to maintain 60FPS).

EDIT: Also if it’s for gaming make sure you have more than 8GB of ram and specially 2133mhz, if you have a unlocked CPU, I suggest you OC it to the max you can and maybe try OC the ram too (in case the ram doesn’t OC any good at least you can try reducing it’s timings).

ps: HAVE YOU BOUGHT THE RTX3070??? If Yes how does it perform for you