Copying power-related UEFI-modules to a different device?

Hey there,

I would like to ask for your input and support, as I am stumped and am unable to find a clear answer.
The situation is as follows:
I (and several other people) have bought a crowdfunded device called the One XPlayer, which is basically an Intel-based 1165G7 laptop stuck inside a small case with an integrated gamepad.
Unfortunately, this device does show a rather high power consumption, which is not there for a similar / competing device called the GPD Win 3, which is based around the same platform.
My assumption is that some settings got misconfigured, causing idle devices to not go to sleep.
Unfortunately, this can’t be corrected in BIOS - I have successfully unhidden the usually hidden menus and have not come across a setting that helps.

My question is therefore:
Considering that this device’s software is UEFI and can be modified, is it possible to simply extract modules from the Win 3 and drop them into the OXP, replacing the previous version?
The reasoning behind this is that UEFI is modularized and can allow for swapping modules, but I am not sure which modules would affect power consumption.
Nor do I know whether the modules are specific to this software version, e.g. using specific offsets.

Could somebody please help me or provide me with some pointers?

Thank you very much