Corrupted Bios/Motherboard??

In the process of nodding my bios(grubbing) I happened to change a setting that bricked my bios this resulted in a booting issue. Whenever I tried to boot my laptop, the keyboard rgb would light up but the screen would remain black. I then purchased a ch413a programmer to re-flash the bios, to it default state. I then attempted to flash the bios with the bios file I found on acer’s website. Now anytime I try to boot, the screen remains black and no keyboard lights, although the power light blinks goes blue and then goes away. Is there something I am doing wrong?? If anyone could take their time to help, I would really appreciate it. Thanks !

Laptop: acer nitro 5 an517-51
Insyde H20
I58300h gtx 1050

Yes friend, have you a Firmware dump of your eeprom to recovery your System Data ?
You made before all ?
If yes, then upload it here and write to me or make photos of all labels on laptop !!!
I will make a new file for you !
Let me know

Yes, I will try find it

ok friend …


I can’t get a photo of the bios chip. But I think it says
P1M881600 14
1904 C



Is there any more labels you need??

So at the end we recovered the firmware and unlocked Advanced and Power Menu tabs :wink:

Laptop: acer nitro 5 an517-51
Insyde H20
I58300h gtx 1050

Used an CH341A SPI programmer + Pomona Climp

Patched :

09B2 : 74 70 to 74 00

09EA : 74 38 to 74 00

0A22 : 75 1D to EB 1D