CPU driver intelppm.sys


maybe it’s a stupid question but what exactly is the intelppm.sys driver? I have a i7 7700k and it shows an Microsoft driver from 21.04.2009, Version 10.0.18362.693 (WinBuild. 160101.0800). Does this driver never get an update from Microsoft or is it not needed? Are there any possibility to update?

See post #432 here: Intel, AMD, VIA & Freescale CPU Microcode Repositories Discussion (29)

It is the latest Microsoft Patch for windows with renewed intel microde inside the intelppm.sys. Microsoft usually doesn’t offer it through Windows Update, so you have to dig it in the Microsoft Update Catalog. Yes you can install those Microsoft updates and it won’t harm your system.

I already have the KB4497165: Intel microcode update from 26.02.2020 installed, does that mean I have the newest intelppm driver?

It would be interesting to know, if anyone else has a i7 7700k, what version he has under devices manager.