Cpu support for lenovo m75q


i bought a Lenovo m75q-1 Tiny unit without working CPU.

The Am4-socket on this model is nomally populated with (Athlon Pro200ge/300ge)/(Zen 2200ge/2400ge) or (zen+ 3200ge/3400ge).
This Cpus are codenamed “Raven Ridge” and “Picasso” ----> they range from 2 to 4cores +SMT with tdp of 35 to 65W.

I wanted to use this as my daily driver since it is a compact formfactor and i could take it no problem with me.

The extra grunt + more Cores from zen2/3 would be nice, but i dont know if it´s possible.

Atm i still have not bought a CPU and wanted to ask if its even possible to include the necessary cpucode so a zen2/3 would intialize.

If yes ( then i would be either looking at Renior (4600g/e,4650g/e,4700g/e,4750g/e) or Cezanne (5600g/e,5650g/e,5700g/e,5750g/e).

I already got myselfe a C341-programmer so i could dump the image from the cmos. (prog used: NeoProgrammer)

cmos: w125q128fw (winbond)
Bios Vendor: american megatrends — (AMIBIOS)


then i used Ryzen SMU checker to look for the supported cpus of the biosdump

supported cpu gen´s

I read quit a few thread Guids on “Bios modding” in hope of better understanding or getting clues what to do from this point on but nothing thereof.

Can somebdy pls give a hand.

There are 3 different BIOS SKU for the model.
There are 3(2) Generations of the M75Q, the 2nd supports 4xxx

  • M75q-1 Desktop (ThinkCentre)
  • M75q Gen 2 (Type 11JJ, 11JK, 11JL, 11JM) Desktop (ThinkCentre)
  • M75q Gen 2 (Type 11JN, 11JQ, 11JR, 11JS) Desktop (ThinkCentre)

Usually the main issue on this mods, its not the mcode, its the AGESA.
So better start to search for HW ID of the generation machine and correctly identify it.
Good luck.