Cpu Upgrade laptop shutdown in 30 minutes


Just upgraded my cpu, but now every 30 minutes I get shutdown. I read that the ME firmware is the isuue for that, but I don`t know how to write and reset or clean the ME firmware. Please help me, regarding this issue. Thank you





Your chipset (HM70) supports only Celeron & Pentium CPUs, not Core. Look here. You bought an incompatible CPU.

Thank you for the quick answer. What can I do to fix this problem?

Nothing, you cannot use Core CPUs with your laptop, they are incompatible. Upgrade only to compatible Pentium or Celeron CPUs.

All clear. Any advise for dumping the ME firmware ?

I guess you’re not convinced, dumping and reflashing the ME firmware will change nothing. There is plenty of advice on how to unlock the FD which can be found at other threads. Unless you absolutely have to mess with the ME firmware, don’t waste your time as all the methods are hard. Otherwise, get a hardware programmer to flash and then solder the SPI/BIOS chip back.

Could you please help me integrate the Me firmware in my Bios ? Here are the files

P05RAJ.zip (3.48 MB) (1.98 MB)

It doesn’t work like that. You need to dump your SPI chip and then follow the CleanUp Guide if you want to clean the Engine region firmware.