Crackling audio...

I’m looking for your ideas about random crackles during listening i.e. Youtube in web browser.
My motherboard is low quality ecs/medion intel board with 8th gen Intel processor.
I reviewed a lot of forums thru google query but found nothing which fit in my scenario.

First off all I checked (in windows 10):
- power management - no changes
- other usb ports v2 or v3 - no changes
- different usb audio interfaces - no changes
- listening using HDMI audio - no changes
still crackles…
Then I loaded Ubuntu 20.04 and…in Firefox similar random crackles…
My last idea is disable network card (of course realtek one) and use another pcie addon card.

Any ideas? I have 25 years of computer hardware experience and…maybe faulty board component?..But I can remember AMD board with similar crackles, so maybe I’m not the only one…

low-end system are nowadays filled with realtek crap; network, audio or card readers etc. there are similar problems on dell laptops, in some cases they try to fix it through BIOS updates but it’s never a complete fix.
i’ve also tried to find the cause of the static noise coming out of the speakers (when plugged in headphones there is no noise) even tried soldering four filtering capacitors on the mainboard according to schematics but it didn’t help. i’ve read about the guy dealing with the same type of problem but in his case noise was present with headphones. and an unbelieveable solution was replacing audio chip four times which means 3x he got crappy and bugged chips only 4th one was fine regarding the noise issue (he didn’t mentioned anything about other possible problems like crackling)

Ok, but this is not a problem with realtek chips… Maybe it is bad interrupt sharing, because of usb interface/hdmi output is crackling the same on different OS (windows or linux - osx not tested).
But anyway thanks for your ideas…

the problem is everywhere, in chip, daughterboard design, software… here’s the original post i wrote about:
there are datasheets for these audio boards, and for the specific one that i have in a laptop there are bunch of corrections with suggestions to change various capacitors/resistors in order to fix “pop” and “EMI”. no idea if it’s worth the time…
do you have more audio drivers in device manager? i remember using HDMI few times, but don’t remember any crack/pop audio distortions while it was connected to the TV
you can use software like LatencyMon to see how bad it is

Used Latency Monitor, but when I plugged USB interface (headphones or usb audio interface) there are the same signs of crackling…
So maybe the answer is not to use this mobo for audio - network router etc, but funny is that maybe this is only one exception becuase this mobo is from Medion gamers PC computer, so something is wrong in this only one or…I do not know…Anyway thanks for your experienced ideas - just curious if there is something that could be turn off/on in bios - the bios options are hidden, and Medion bioses has anti-mod routine that checks for modifications (maybe not in this example, but last time i tried to mod another bios and it was not flashable…).

well, in case of Aptio V bios i also couldn’t flash it with any software, but using external flash tool like ch341a worked fine. if you have the same then AMIBCP can show you all settings, for other bioses search the forum

Fine, if you have luck with this method I can try (already won ch341 programmer)…Anyway thanks for discussion…