Damaged RAID1 after power outage - just a question

Hello guys,

firstly i want to apologize for my bad english. Also i am really new in RAID issues. I will give an example:

RAID was created on very cheap MB (40€) throught BIOS (SATA MODE - RAID) and then throught some RAID MENU —> Create Array → RAID1 Mirroring - nothing special. Windows was installed, everything worked well but some day there was a power outage. After PC start, in “My computer” there was not just a one drive but two, also in “Device manager” there was not RAID as ussually. Logically RAID was damaged and all new data were just saved on one drive. Here is my question: When i do image from DRIVE (latest data), then i delete RAID array and create new one and upload image, will it work? Will work an image (i use Ghost32) from one drive on RAID array?

I hope you understand me Thank you

@crucinal1 :
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The easiest way to restore a degraded RAID1 array is to run the related RAID Console Software and to use the “Repair” option.
Unfortunately you haven’t mentioned your mainboard’s chipset resp. the on-board SATA RAID Controller and the in-use RAID driver.
So I cannot give you a more precise advice.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)