Defective bios on Lenovo Ideapad 330s-15arr Amd2500u Vega8

I have a laptop Lenovo Ideapad 330s 15arr with amd ryzen 5 2500u and Vega8 graphic and after an update of windows 10 with a firmware from Lenovo I believe included the device is briked just black screen and cooler noise,long short story…After that I buyt a kit programmer Ch341a and I make it a dump from my defective bios,and erase it and flash a bios bin from other site(payed one),good news I bring it back to life but I need an expert to help me to edit original bios with details like s/n uid mac etc cause now everything is blank.Thank you and I wait some help and feedback.I can atach files bigger than 6mb and bios is 8mb:(

Please upload your paid dump and your original backup, you can use this site or any other you know that is free for me to download

The link of my defective original bios from Lenovo 330s 15arr is
I hope to some help…
And here is Lenovo bios from manufacture page
Thank you an advance.

I need your paid dump also, since that is what you programmed in, I will edit that and send back to you

The bios I believe is generic without anything inside like s/n Uid or mac adress and is older version firmware for this model 7WCN30WW ,and newest firmware on Lenovo site is 7WCN36WW and in moment of briking it was an update to 7WCN37WW…so I will attach the generic bin bios


In this momment details in bios about product is Invalid


I need your original dumped BIOS + the paid BIOS you used to make the system work again (since we know this functions). Please put those both into a single archive, this is all I need
Then I will correct your details, after that you can update whatever BIOS version you want using normal update method (not flash programmer/recovery method)

I atached allready if you read…original one post #3 paid one post #5

In the mean time I received a bin bios of version 7WCN36WW but after flash the same blank and Invalid in bios details about laptop.

You cand download from here both files of bios original dumped and payed one version 7WCN30WW

YOu said >> so I will attach the generic bin bios << So I took this as NOT the BIOS you paid for, that you recovered your system with - all still confusing, instead of replying rudely like that you could just put both BIOS I asked for into a single archive and say here is link for those BIOS you wanted
Please edit your posts if you want to add more info and no one has replied.

What is your LAN MAC ID, and or do you know your actual serial that is supposed to be there? I may need you to find me some of this, MAC you should be able to find in your router logs.
I may need this because in your original dump, the NVRAM/VSS section is broke, so I have to dig around manually in hex and it’s not as easy to find stuff this way vs non-broken and looking at it in tools.

I found these, probably some of the above info. Sorry, I am not super familiar with Insyde BIOS, but if the info is still in your old BIOS I’m sure I can fix once we find it all, and I find other known working dump with valid info in place too (not like your paid BIOS)

Sorry I am non native speaker of english language ,I am not rude and new to this forum,and I apreciate all the help,I put in the archive what you ask me both files, so if I understain corectlly my dumped bios is broken? My problem now is after flashing bios appear like this: product name Invalid, Mtm Invalid, Lenovo s/n Invalid ,UUID Invalid (I know the UUID is the most important one)maybe this prevent to install new bios officialy and other things like guarantee of the device etc I have some details about device on the box and stiker of the laptop like this Model name:81FB MTM:81FB005URM Lenovo s/n :YD04KB1H Factory id:GXSC WMAC:505BC2BFCFB5 UUID:505BC2BF-CFB5-2018-0604-141158000000

I understain is a tool for Lenovo software Lvar64,and with this can be edit that infos.I have the tool if anybody want.

OK, sorry on my end too, just misunderstanding and language issue, it’s OK no big deal

Yes, your dumped BIOS is broke, but still contains some info (may or may not all be there, and may or may not all be valid). Yes, I understand your issue, and saw your image of the problem.
UUID not important at all really. If you are still within RMA period to return under warranty, then serial is important, but usually they may not even check that and just look at the board/case instead, since badly flashed BIOS would loose all that info anyway so it’s not reliable to them
If you are still in warranty period, then serial is important, if you think you would ever need service, but it may be OK without it since you have serial on case and on board they would use (and or receipt/proof of purchase)
If there is Ethernet LAN on there, then MAC ID also important, or your Ethernet can’t work (not WIFI, only Ethernet LAN)

Serial/UUID missing would not prevent BIOS update.

Great, you have all the info in above details! Let me look around and get another proper dump from working system, then I can place your details back in correct positions!
Please wait patiently, and don’t worry, I will find a good dump to compare info positions with, and then fix this for you!

Or yes, I just saw your edit. Yes, if you have compatible tool you can fix yourself probably! Let me know if you get it, if not I will make you a BIOS
* Edit - alesul - I also have tools for this, maybe if the one you have doesn’t work, one of these will -…563109515888636

I hope to help me to make a valid bios with details, if you have time.Thank you so much and I wait a bios bin from you when you can,with respect.

I will try. Did you try tools, that may be easier/quicker for you and me?

* Edit - @alesul - program in, and then show me new BIOS info page, so I can see what is still missing.…464358321117749

I am not that good at this that was the reason to ask an opinnion of an expert!

It’s OK, no problem, I did the edit above with some of the info. Please see post #12 and let me know

Hello Lost_N_Bios I flash your files but UUID is not mine and the rest is good I think… Also Is impossible to update the bios normally from exe in Windows…I have a bin from last version 36 maybe we can modify with my UUID…and UUID prevent updates and is like identify the system I think.So we are in the first victory and on a good way.I atached last version of bios v36


I charged full baterry and I can make update of bios officialy …so Happy,even if the UUID is not match with the box but now is recognized by Lenovo online guarantee also can make updates of bios and in boot bios settings all field now is filled and not Invalid like before…so Thank you so much Lost_N_Bios

I assume you can’t update same way, this is mod BIOS, usually you can’t flash mod BIOS with stock method.

Please show me BIOS info page as it is now with BIOS I gave you in post #12, as I requested. I only put some info, and I need to see the BIOS with that info. UUID I may or may not have put, but if I did put it would have only been the one you gave me.
I think I only put the following, and then waiting to see new BIOS image
Lenovo s/n :YD04KB1H
Factory id:GXSC WMAC:505BC2BFCFB5

* Edit, I didn’t see your post above until I posted this reply. Good you can update mod BIOS now with fully charged battery, maybe that was reason all along and you can flash mod BIOS on this system any time

@alesul - Get me new BIOS image of that info page, and I can fix your UUID probably. I left that as it was originally, was waiting to see if the above changed applied as expected or not before doing the UUID, because UUID area was not labelled as such so I wanted to see other stuff first.

I atach picture,and Lenovo verify everithyng before update bios all this info like UUID and info,but you can see just UUID is different than on my box one.





@alesul - Sorry, your sentence is jumbled (Doesn’t make sense to me) And your images do not load properly, the two that do are duplicates
Please put all images in a zip, thanks. Also, be sure to see my edit and request at post #17, been waiting on that image so I can fix rest

Anyway, here is new BIOS with UUID now, take new image of BIOS info for me if it’s wrong still…389769547955541

Is the same photo and the only one I have,I uploaded many times to be sure cause the forum tool have some errors.I am tired about all this problems and I want to pay some services to do that cause is to much trouble for a product new by 2 weeks with 2 years guarantee.Thank you for all the help.