Dell 3521 egpu bios

Hello I have a Dell inspiron 3521 with A12 bios and I would like to add egpu but I would have to mod the bios
I am a noob to this kind of stuff so I would appreciate any help

@HappySlappyFace - What is eGPU? Do you mean External graphics card? If it does not work by plugging it in, then it probably is not compatible with this system even with a BIOS Mod.
What is the CPU and chipset of this board, and link me to the eGPU spec/info page so maybe I can see if any info on compatibility is given.
How does it connect? And what do you think would be needed by a BIOS mod?

Hello lost n bios
The egpu adapter I’m getting is probably a gdp beast ( I’m sure that’s how its spelled ) and it plugs in the mini pcie slot where the wifi card plugs in
2. Dell has a shortlist i

  1. Dell has a blacklist in the bios where only dell hardware work
    3.CPU is i3 3217u and I’m not on oc now so I can’t tell u rest

@HappySlappyFace You need device in hand, trying it, so you can give me exact error when trying to use, then I can try to find in the BIOS and remove for you. May not be possible, but I can try once you know exact error given.
Did you already search BIOS-mods forum for whitelist remove for this model?

I searched, Il return to you when I get the egpu adapter, thanks

I have the dell 3521 and the exp gdc is working well with it. Im using a gtx960 with it. From my experience, there is no blacklist in the bios. However, to be able to use the internal screen, you need a modded bios within which you have to change primary display to igfx.

Thanks @ryanrcpl

@HappySlappyFace See above ^^ I can make mod BIOS for you

Thanks @Lost_N_BIOS but I already got another laptop
Thanks anyways