Dell 7040 remove computrace BIOS


I bought a second-hand computer and it had computrace activated, how could I eliminate it?

What steps would I have to take to flash a modified BIOS with computrace disabled? Could I do this with Intel flash programming tool (FPT) or would I have to use SPI Programmer/Flasher?

Thank you!

@docout - You may be able to do it with FPT, but without a lot more info from you and a lot of work on my end (Or yours) you’d loose Serial, Asset Tag etc due to best way to FPT flash would be flashing in another systems dumped BIOS region.
Same would apply to using a programmer as well. And that may be what’s needed, I’m not sure on what all regions this is tied into, you may need to reflash a stock ME region too, which would require FD unlock via pinmod then FPT flash, or if you have 2pin service/me/FD/FDO jumper on the board that would allow this too, or programmed with programmer

Do you have flash programmer? Does this board have 2pin jumper labeled ME,FD, FDO, Service etc, be sure to look everywhere and also look above/around the memory slots too because I know one model the pins are in obscure place by the memory and many don’t notice them right away.

@Lost_N_BIOS - Thank you for your answer. No, I don’t have a flash programmer, I would have to buy one if necessary and I have to check if there is a 2pin service/me/FD/FDO jumper on the motherboard.

On the other hand, what is the problem of losing the Serial, Asset Tag etc? If it’s easier to lose this information and it’s not a big problem, could I do it losing that information with FTP?

Thank you!