Dell 7080 MFF Unlock Intel AMT thread

I have a Dell 7080 MFF and want to enable vPro. I’m ready for almost everything. But when I opened the chassis, I couldn’t find the service mode jumper anywhere. There are no jumpers on the motherboard. It’s not even mentioned in the manual.

I can’t do it successfully: FPTW.exe -d

Do you have any feasible suggestions?

My processor i5-10500t supports vPro. I just need to enable vPro

(programming is actually the last way, but it’s not available yet. I don’t have a 16 foot burner.)

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0412:There are service mode jumper points on the motherboard, but no soldering. Unable to read or write SPI after trying to connect.
fptw -d me.bin -me 236 error will be prompted after the file is opened by fit.
I have ordered the programmer and I will continue to update it in a few days. For the first time, I tried the programmer to extract and modify the file. I may need more help.

use CSME System Tools v14.0.20+ r14

FPTW.exe -me It was a success. change this part separately?

I’m still working hard. I’m going to completely remove the motherboard. No jumpers found, nothing. I also checked the manuals of other models of 7080, and there was no mention of service mode jumper.

It seems that Dell has completely eliminated the service mode jumper in this generation.

Hi, I also encountered the same problem, did you solve it?

I still have not succeeded, did you succeed?