DELL 7730Engineering prototype needs help to mod bios

My friend is an engineering prototype DELL 7730 workstation, he can not update the BIOS, forced write results can not boot. Also purchased an engineering motherboard, dump the DUMP BIOS from the project motherboard FLASH, please help clear the csme DATE, I can not use intel FIT to open, can only use winhex to open the contrast, and the official version layout is not the same.

I tried a lot of 7730 BIOS, including the latest and initial official version of the BIOS, the notebook is not responding, can not trigger, I suspect the difference between the project BIOS and the official BIOS.

I can’t find the ES version of the ME, I can’t replace it with winhex.





Dump the DUMP BIOS address: Extraction code: 3w9c

me.rar (3.68 MB)

The ME area of the engineering machine that was backed up by the command alone, but the ME version number is not visible. Cannot be viewed with MeInfowin64.




We’ve dealt with this a lot lately, you cannot update ME and you cannot use retail BIOS region either. This is due to ES/PRE hardware on the board

If Intel boot guard is enabled, then only certain areas of the BIOS can be edited, if it’s not, then I could possibly update some other things for you (roms, microcode etc, but you can’t use stock/retail BIOS region)
Check this with>> MEInfoWin (or DOS) >> MEInfoWin -verbose
Look at the end of the report, if Measured or Verified boot, either one, are enabled on the Left/FPF side, then boot guard is enabled.

Please upload this BIOS dump to another site, no one can download that without a login after entering the code you provided
Here is good free one -…034023763059742
Thank you very much, I have uploaded it successfully.

If you can’t use the official BIOS, can I update the official version of intel csme? For example, I replaced the csme area with winhex and replaced the original project ME with the official version of ME.

As Lost said, you cannot simply replace the ES BIOS region of the SPI image with the PV one and expect it work. They are not compatible. Maybe it can work after various modifications at microcodes etc. But I won’t deal with that. However, I did look into the CSME and it is indeed Pre-Production. A very old version too, which caused the crash you saw in ME Analyzer. The upcoming MEA release will fix it so thank you for the report. As for updating the CSME & PMC, it was a lot of work because the firmware is very old but I think this new SPI image should work. The link is temporary, so keep it somewhere after you download. Use the SPI programmer and let me know if it works. Also, make sure to show a MEInfo -verbose output, if it does work.

@jontao - Usually, you can’t use stock BIOS or ME due to PRE/ES hardware on these systems, but some manipulation may be possible, depends on if Intel Boot Guard is enabled at PCH and what all it covers.
I don’t see any of it in UEFITool FIT table, but unsure what that means if it’s set enabled at the PCH

Did you run >> MEInfoWin -verbose
If yes, please post the report here in image or text, I think plutomaniac can tell you from this report if you have PRE PCH/chipset

CSME/ME is same thing - the ME FW in your BIOS above is >>
FITc wont open that ME FW either, but it doesn’t crash out, must need something older.

plutomaniac do you have anything that can work with the ES ME FW above? ME FW is attached at post #1, or full BIOS at post #3, these do not match and neither can be opened with MEA tool either.
* Edit - Sorry, didn’t refresh tab before replying, so missed your post above until this reply posted

Hello, I used the programmer to insert the program into the spi flash and install it on the motherboard. There is no reaction at boot. This is very sad. I have tested various BIOSes before, and there are no responses from my official website EXE. There is only one F602P (this is the BIOS I bought on Taobao. This can be powered on, but there is a response, but other Did not react at all)

This is my own BIOS with the F602 BIOS and the official website GRE and ME.!cTBiDYLT!j_UQRUWS1wl8L…zdB6eW90eKlMCPY

This is the original 7730 DUMP BIOS I purchased from Taobao. I have not cleared the ME. I have a BIOS that responds but does not pass the self-test.!4SByUYib!a2TTYkRkprMH-…PovxmPnLuBY86bg

Hello, I can’t use this command to see my PCH version, he is not directly recognized and compatible.

Hello, please include both link & decryption key for MEGA because I cannot download the above files.

After you flash these images, I suggest you try to remove all power for 1 minute and reset CMOS just in case. If you are sure that DELL7730ES_DUMPBIOS_NEW.bin did not work, I have prepared three test SPI images to see what works. Here is the link which is temporary, so keep it somewhere after you download.

Thank you very much for your help. I am testing. I bought a project motherboard later. After I backed up the BIOS test, I restored the backup BIOS and it didn’t light up. I suspect that there are restrictions on the engineering motherboard, I am studying further, thank you very much. The shared file password was put in. I used MEA for the first time, I am very sorry.

@jontao - Your backup may not be valid, not all software or software versions will backup all chips properly, you must check and confirm the BIOS backup is valid and good BIOS before you do anything to the chip (erase/write), that way you know you get a good dump and you know what will probably write to the chip properly.
What is your chip ID, and what software version are you using? Upload your backup and I will tell you if it’s a good dump. Was that system running probably at the time of backup creation?

There is no restrictions when you are using a flash programmer (hardware), only finding what works and what doesn’t is required, and make sure you get a proper dump before you try to erase or write

Hello, I am using a programmer for backup. In addition, fptw64.exe -d with fptw64 inte csme is used for backup. I used it on my HP workstation. It is normal for my Dell 7730 engineering machine because it can’t be turned on. It uses a programmer to dump it.

In the above post I updated the backup BIOS link and opened the password, which can be downloaded.


Yes, I assumed you were using a programmer. What software are you using, and what version software? What is the BIOS Chip ID?

Your FPT comments are not very clear
Which link above, is the programmer dump from the system? And you say, this is a dump from a non-working system, correct?
The BIOS in post #1 link I cannot download, and the files you linked in post #6 do not sound like what I wanted to see (direct BIOS dump with programmer, from the system, not edited by you in any way)
I don’t want a file you edited, nor do I want a dump you purchased from somewhere. I want the original dump from the BIOS on the board, you made with flash programmer, before you did anything to the BIOS