Dell BIOS Updates - Monitor required!?

Ran into an issue applying updates to Optiplex 7060 USFF devices… The update fails to install if there is no monitor plugged in. We have a pile of these devices, and install the OS with only power and LAN connected. So unless we wait until they are already in use, there is no way to mass update them.

Dell has previously addressed this for the Optiplex 3070 and 7070 models by adding a “/novideo” switch to the updater (see…using-a-monitor), but of course they did not apply this change to the 7060 - even though multiple BIOS updates have subsequently been released.

I’d like to extract the 7060 update’s payload, and flash it using the 7070’s .exe - can anyone suggest how I might do that?

More info: The log file created by the updater shows the following line: “Located the dedicated image or no dedicated image requested for this system.” This suggests there’s a way to specify an image, which would be ideal. I have found a few suggestions for extracting the binary patches, but this updater does not support the /writeromfile, /writehdrfile, or /writehexfile switches. I did see that there are a few utilities available such as “PFS Extractor” but even if I can extract the images, I would still need a way to flash them.