Dell G7 7588 (A7) Me Downgrade - Request MeSpiLock Failed

Hello guys, i need some help if possible, i understand the basic of pc but have some trouble reading the things in here.
Last time i updated my bios, i dont know why when it was in 98% the screen was frozen and the pc was shut down.

The notebook works fine atm but when turning him on appears a message "(A7) Me Downgrade - Request MeSpiLock Failed"

The notebook is a Dell G7 - 7588 and i already tried running the bios software of Dell again but it only update the BIOS and not the FW, and the error is not fixed…
The dell notebook has a function of recover BIOS pressing Ctrl + Esc when tuning the pc on, but doing so give me the message of sucess but not fix the problem, i tried downgrade the BIOS but even with the option checked on BIOS Setup it gives me message “Downgrade Blocked” …i dont know what to do…

I saw in a post that one guys fixed this error running the bios program from Windows itself, but i didnt understood the instructions:

"I had the same problem earlier, but there is a solution. Download the BIOS from the dell website and put it on a flash drive. From the flash drive, click on the bios and run it while windows is still on (do not turn off computer). When this happens, the bios will attempt to update but never really shows any signs of it other than creating a folder on a flash drive that has a text file called log. Open this text file and see where a file is trying to be executed, and go to the location of that file. Extract that file (it should still be compressed) and then try clicking on the bios and running it from the flash drive again. Now, a pop up with broken graphics emerges and asks if you if you want to update. Say yes, and then it works. Don’t get scared of the broken graphics on the pop-up, the update worked for me. The only weird thing is that the laptop dell update programs still think the bios hasn’t updated, except everything else can see that the bios has now updated to 1.9.0.

Please reply if my method worked or not for you all."

Can someone if possible help me ? Thanks in advance

Guilherme Aráujo