dell gx 270 Intel 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers

Dear Fernando

Could you please let me know which driver I need to slipstream for my old comp:

I think the name is this Intel 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers

Thanks a lot!


@ ivobaren:

Hello Ivo,
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You dont need to slipstream any driver for this Controller, because it is an Intel ICH5 IDE Controller, which will be detected and managed by the on-board MS IDE driver named PCIIDE.SYS.


Thanks a lot for the quick reply Fernando!

It is a del machine and i get a stop code bsod 7B when installing windows xp sp3 without slipstreaming :frowning:

I installed windows 7 with no problem but that machine is old and can only run xp properly

If you are able to boot into Windows 7 with that machine, please enter the Device Manager and look for the listed "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" and "Storage Controllers".
Important are the HardwareIDs of the listed Controllers. You can check them by right clicking onto them and choosing the following options: "Properties" > "Details" > "Property" > "HardwareIDs".
When I know the DeviceID of the system drive Controller, I will try to help you to find an appropriate F6 driver.

yes sure, these are:
Intel 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers 24D1
Intel 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers 24DB



@ ivobaren:

As I already told you, this Controller doesn’t need any special third party storage driver, because the Intel 82801EB Ultra ATA Storage Controller with the DeviceID DEV_24D1 is running in IDE mode and not in AHCI or RAID mode.
Nevertheless I have uploaded for you the special 4 INF files for Intel ICH5 chipsets, which belong to the Intel Chipset Device Software. 2 of the included INF files do support the HardwareIDs you have posted. You can download this small package from >here<.
If you want, you can integrate these INF files as “PnP drivers” into the XP CD.

Thanks a lot for the efforts Fernando!

I tried and still got 7B error: I slipstreamed these drivers with nlite making a bootable iso, then extracted the bootable iso files into a folder and using wintoflash made a bootable usb. The reason for all that is that the pc has no optical drive and no floppy.

The bios settings are the same as in this video

showing the same concerns as mine…

Are you sure, that your XP source is untouched?
Usually you should not have any problem to get Windows XP installed, because the XP Setup definitively doesn’t need any 3rd-party textmode driver to detect the HDD of your system.

the xp pro sp3 source is from torrent websites

and i already tried 3 different xp sources with the same result

The source should be an original one and not downloaded from torrent websites.
If you were able to get Win7 installed onto your very old machine, XP should be installable even more!