Dell Inspiron 7559 M.2 / NVMe Mystery

Hello I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7559 laptop that uses the Skylake-H chipset (HM170) with a i7-6700HQ CPU. The chipset product brief says “In addition, the latest Intel® Rapid Storage Technology 14 with 100 series PCH now supports NVMe PCIe x4 Solid State Drives.”

I ordered a Samsung 950 NVMe drive and it was not detected…not even the Samsung drivers and utilities would not detect it. The M.2 slot is M Keyed.

I see Dell released a new BIOS 1.2.1 which has “NvmeRecovery” in it, but nothing else apparently related to NVMe support. I haven’t tried an NVMe SSD since BIOS 1.8.1.

Any ideas why this system seems to be a complete pain to get to recognize NVMe SSDs? It uses AMI Aptio UEFI BIOS. Unfortunately I don’t have a CSMCORE listed in the ROM, and if I did a BIOS hack by adding NVMeExpressDxE wouldn’t that only help the system boot NVMe drives? This computer can’t even detect them.

I’d like to think the actual hardware is way too new not to support NVMe, and that Dell royally screwed something up to keep it from working. Any help/input would be appreciated. (4.88 MB)

Dell is known to use whitelists for Wifi/BT (PCIe/USB), so I’m pretty sure they also have a whitelist for PCIe-based SSDs.
I have seen notebooks with SATA whitelists, too. Really horrible things…

@gyrfalcon :
Hey any update?I too have dell 7559 and confused why nvme snould not work

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