Dell Inspiron Micro 3050 Windows 10 - Wake from Sleep Issue - Assistance

Hey guys,

I currently have a Dell Inspiron Micro 3050 with a Pentium J2900 (BIOS Rev. A02) that is having a weird issue when it goes to sleep under Windows 10.
It came with Windows 8.1 and I did a Windows 10 clean install.

I also tried updating the Intel Trusted Execution Engine 1.1 Firmware to see if it resolved this issue but it did not.

So for starters the computer works perfect for everything else, it is in my living room hooked up to my TV.

However, if it is put to sleep, it will go to sleep just fine. When it wakes up, instead of resuming in Windows where it left off.
It reboots, opens the BIOS, begins some kind of flash update that fails, and then it reboots back into Windows as if the computer was turned off and on again.
Again works great, but doesn’t have anything open that may have been left open.

I have attached a picture I took of this error…

Thanks for any ideas to correct this,