Dell Latitude 3440 i5 4200U Model Bios Mod

Hi there, i’ve been reading on this forum a few articles and i thought was interesting dedicate my not primary hardware to study on new stuff.
Unfortunally i never studied computer technology so all i know is from what i learned by surfing the internet. By the way, on this laptop i’ve used to play and complete my first hackintosh, but, soon as Big Sur came out, i’ve tried and failed the upgrade. Went back to Windows i though i’ll never used this machine, untile, a few days a go i succeffully bios mod an Asus motherboard by using AFUWIN and AMIBCP.
At this point i thought it was cool do the same thing to my Dell Latitude 3440 i5 4200U model to make visible hidden options.
So soon i’ve started by saving the bios with afuwin and tried to open with amibcp (4.53) but, it gives me this error “Some BIOS strings exceeds the maximum leght (0x400). Setup tap and BIOS strings tab will not be shown.”.
I’ve read this post “” but onestly i’m not confidence with UEFITool or FIR/Hex.
If anyone can help me to make the bios editable on amibcp or link me a guide on how to do i’ll 'be greatfull.
Thank you.