Dell latitude E6540 disabling the "ghost" throttle / add overclock functions and removal of fan error.

hello good day. i got a dell laptop here which is amazing.

i can overclock/underclock the cpu in windows using throttlestop with full multiplier. and voltage. (4.1 max)

i’m wondering if its possible to have some functions in the bios for this?

besides that. it isnt a need.

the second problem this laptop has is.

a “ghost” throttle.

if the gpu. and cpu are used alot. it wil throttle the cpu down to 300 mhz. and it wil take about 30 mins for it to go back up.

only task manager sees the correct speed. all other programs stil believe its running at its set clock speed.

according to throttle stop its “gpu power” and “ring power” throttling.

i wonder if its possible to stop. or sabotage the throttle this experiences…

my laptop has liquid metal. and gpu/cpu temps are under control with a 50mv undervolt

the laptop model is a dell latitude e6540. this is the latest revision motherboard (2016)

the last thing is.

can the fan error be removed. the fan pwm. and tacho cables are gone. the fan is spinning at a fixed 9.8k rpm

but the bios sometimes throws a fan error (it appears about 50/50)

so it asks “f1 to continue” half the time.

i have same laptop and i also had throttle problem but i fixed it in throttlestop

so here is how you will fix this problem (its safe method)
just check clock modulation and be sure its 100%
also check set multiplier (it is very important)
you can set multiplier to 20 (2.0ghz) without loosing perfomance if there are no apps using cpu in background
i have tested many games at 3.7ghz cpu speed and 2.0ghz and there is absolutely no difference in fps or perfomance because of low end gpu(amd 8790m)
also i get lot lower temps at 2.0ghz so i recommend you to set multiplier to 20(2.0ghz)
and in last just be sure to make settings to default after playing games (or just apply above settings in game profile and use game profile while playing game and perfomance profile while not playing game)

it will still have gpu throttling but it will not reduce speed of cpu and therefor will not reduce game perfomance