Dell m3800 - Intel RAID OROM Present but Can't Access It.

I have a Dell m3800 laptop with 2 drives. I have modded the BIOS with this guide to unlock all options.
With the original BIOS I couldn’t select RAID as an option, but with the unlocked one I can.
I know that the intel RAID OROM is present as I see it when I open the BIOS in UBU and I can switch to Intel RAID and see that in Windows.

The issue I have is I cannot bring up the OROM options to create a RAID. Since this BIOS was never to have RAID I do not get the Ctrl-I option.
Is there an alternative method to get to the Intel RAID configuration? Modded BIOS attached (if needed)

@tabascojoe :
You can only get access to the Intel RAID ROM Utility, when you have disabled CSM and enabled LEGACY Option ROM modules within the BIOS.
Another option would be to flash a modded BIOS, where a matching Intel RAID module named SataDriver or RaidDriver has been inserted (if not natively present). Then you may get access to the Intel Rapid Storage Utility from within the BIOS, but this option is very difficult and risky with Dell systems.

I like risk…
Would I use UBU to accomplish inserting the module?

The “UEFI BIOS UPDATER“ can only replace an already present BIOS module, but cannot insert a natively not present module.
So the first step for you is to let the UBU tool check, whether the original BIOS contains a module named SataDriver or RaidDriver.

I disabled CSM and enabled Legacy. I also had to set Force Option Rom to BIOS.
Now I can access the Intel RAID utility. After I exit the RAID utility the BIOS does not continue on… just sits at a blinking cursor.
Even if I reboot and try to get to the BIOS I can’t, it will show the Intel options and sit at a blinking cursor.
My only fix at this point is to pull the CMOS batt and reset the settings.
Getting Closer… I can create RAID volumes but can get past the creation.

I believe it does…

Scanning BIOS… Please wait…
Platform BIOS AMI Aptio 4
Brand Dell Inc.
Found FIT in GUID B52282EE-9B66-44B9-B1CF-7E5040F787C1
Found Option ROM VBIOS in GUID A062CF1F-8473-4AA3-8793-600BC4FFE9A8
Found Option ROM in GUID A062CF1F-8473-4AA3-8793-600BC4FFE9A8
Found EFI Intel GOP Driver GUID 5BBA83E6-F027-4CA7-BFD0-16358CC9E123
Found EFI Intel Raid Controller GUID 91B4D9C1-141C-4824-8D02-3C298E36EB3F

1 - Intel RST(e) OROM and EFI SataDriver

@tabascojoe :
The UBU tool diagnostic results verify, that the Intel EFI RaidDriver is already present within the BIOS and nothing needs to be inserted.
Provided, that your mainboard has a properly working on-board Intel SATA RAID Controller and the “RAID” option has been enabled within the BIOS, you should get access to the Intel RAID Utility while booting (either via CTRL+I or by entering the “Intel Rapid Storage Technology” option within the BIOS).

You are correct I can get in to the Utility, but when I get out of it it just sits at a blinking cursor.
If I try to reboot and get in to the BIOS it does not go in…

This system (m3800) never had a RAID option, it was only when I unlocked the BIOS that I could change it. My guess is the code is half baked, and I know this.

I just want to say I have a m3800 with RAID, something that no other m3800 owner has.
How can I add this to the BIOS?

@tabascojoe :
Your on-board Intel SATA RAID Controller obviously doesn’t have full functionality.

Even if the mainboard of your Dell M3800 should have a fully functional on-board Intel SATA RAID Controller, only Dell would be able to get it 100% working, because some system BIOS components have to be customized and this cannot be done by the customer.

Ill keep trying. Never give up!