Dell optiplex 3060 and 3070 legacy support for internal hdd bios needed

How to make this system to install windows 7 with legacy support
Any bios modded with legacy support







@ Advanced Boot Options - can you see "Enable Attempt Legacy Boot" CSM is enabled by default, so once you disable secure boot you should be in legacy mode and be able to install Win7 without UEFI/GPT etc
Boot option filter needs changed to UEFI and Legacy though, this is set to both for fail safe but UEFI Only for Optimal default.
Same for storage roms at CMS area, set to UEFI Only, needs changed to legacy.

These changes can be made with AMIBCP 5.02

But my friend this is for external device only legacy not for internal hdd legacy can you tell me how to make with AMIBCP please help I install windows 7 with legacy for external device feature with legacy attempt boot and option roms but no benefit it is going to diagnostic mode already disable secure boot

I need picture in AMIBCP how to make can you do favour for me please give AMIBCP download link

Can you modify dell optiplex 3060 and 3070 bios with csm support and give it to me please. This is my new dell 7060 bios pinned can you modify

not modified (6.38 MB)

Hello please help to modify bios of 3060 3070 with AMIBCP V5. 02 Procedure for changing in AMIBCP after modification how to write back or flash to bios please can you give procedure. While flashing bios did we have to put jumper in Service mode