Dell Optiplex 3060 sff BIOS for CH341A

I had brick my 3060.

Anyone have this machine pls backup the BIOS for me as I plan to flash back using CH341A.

Thank everyone

PS any method to extract the exe BIOS files download from Dell (so fsuitable to use CH341A)?

Hello! Did you get the file? I need too. I have a DUMP of a original one that blinks 5 whites and 2 Amber LED, if you wanna try:

@laboratoriotopsys Broken update from 1.2.22 to 1.15, just replaced all static parts with 1.15. ME (very old) and NVRAM untouched.

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Thank you!!!

hello guys is this BIOS unic ? do i need to patch each of my 3 units? or can i write this zip file in any of my unit???

Yes, it’s unique:

  • Theres machine specific information in NVRAM and DVAR block in first EFI volume after NVRAMs
  • ME is still initialized for that specific machine

In addition:

  • There are 2 bios region version types for these machines, you should use the correct one


  1. Dump every machines firmware
  2. Empty NVRAM for one firmware
  3. Re- initialize ME for one firmware- this ME region might be used for all machines if not booted before
  4. Backup the DVAR block for the corresponding machines and transfer it in a specific firmware image for every machine


  1. Repair every firmware individually

Sir you answer is very kind and professional indeed. however is there any video that shows the process? what programmer should i use for the dumb? how do i empty the vram??? sorry im new in this. hope it doesnt make you upset. thank you for your kindness

Not that I know of.

Normally a CH341 would do. Lots of content in the forum.

For re-initializing ME- follow this guide:

thank you for the answer. what about the people online claiming they can unlock it with a password without the dump file? how possible is it? do they have access to DELL or HP server?

You didn’t write anything about unlocking or a password, you just asked if the attached image was specific to this machine.

Regarding ‘people claiming’- Ask those people claiming something!