Dell Optiplex 7040 AMT functions

Hi all,
piggybacking here, considering the exceptional results from plutomaniac in getting the AMT on the Optiplex 7010 up and running.

I have a very low budget project that I took as a good opportunity to learn new stuff.
Within the low budget and requirements I am considering to source some refurbished or second-hand Optiplex 7040 micro. These will come with everything is needed for the AMT to work, but with the MEBx disabled by Dell (already checked :frowning: ).
At the current stage I have no BIOS programmers, haven’t sourced the computers yet and I am just running a preliminary feasibility research. If the costs will pass the benefits I’ll have to skip the BIOS modding option and move to systems with AMT already enabled (as I will likely end up forking out money).
However the learning part is what brought me to this project, and missing the opportunity to mess around with BIOSes is not nice after all.

Would you kindly help me in that? Let me know what info I need to provide you and I’ll work on it!



To enable AMT you need to be able to reflash the ME region with the new settings. From past experience with such Dell systems, there is a service jumper at the motherboard which enables just that. Check the 7010 thread where people have definitely mentioned what it’s called and check if 7040 also has the same jumper. If that’s available, there is no need to pay extra for a programmer or AMT-enabled board. Obviously, I cannot guarantee that the AMT mod will work even though that has always been the case with 7010 or similar systems so far. Meaning, there is a risk involved, especially when tight budgets are concerned.