Dell Optiplex 9020 AIO IPPLP-AZ Rev:A00

Hi everyone, this my first post on win-raid forum, please me forgive my bugs. I hava Dell Optiplex 9020 AIO IPPLP-AZ Rev:A00, PDC SR137, screen is blank after on power computer. If I use menu+power on start Dell test screen is ok. I thought programming new bios on chip on fix this fault. I used various bios images found on the internet but it didn’t help.
My question - I can use bios from board with PCH=SR173 for board with PCH=SR137 ?
I think that being masters of bios modding you all can judge it.

Sorry if my question does not fit this forum section.

Check Intel ME FW status, it may be corrupted.

[Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization

I tried clear region ME in bios which I read from chip. But not succes. But maybe I was doing it wrong (4.31 MB) (2.64 MB) (4.67 MB)