DELL Optiplex 990 Shutdown every 30 Minutes

my dell optiplex 990 shutdown every 30 minutes exactly
the problem start after i take it out of case for a day
and there is no overheat and any problem i researched a lot and i think its intel me engine
Somebody help me please

After alot research i fixed 30 minute shutdown by this method Thanks alot

Plutomaniac, I’d like to give you a big, big thanks for your help!
Would also like to thank Kasm279 for creating this thread and reporting results.

In case it helps anyone else, I’d like to document the steps here, when wanting to perform the task whilst running outside of Windows:
1. Download Plutomaniac’s O990_fix.rar found in this thread.
2. Download the “Intel ME System Tools” file that corresponds to your ME version, from here: Intel Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware & System Tools
3. Create a FreeDOS bootable USB stick using Rufus (
4. Extract O990_fix.rar to the USB stick
5. Extract the contents of the \Flash Programming Tool\DOS\ folder from the Intel ME System Tools file to the USB stick (including the fparts.txt file too).

On the Optiplex 990 PC to be modded:
1. Upgrade BIOS to A20 if not already (not sure if this is required)
2. Shut it down and enable the “Service Mode” Jumper (you will need to remove the DVD writer & hard disk caddy to access this jumper)
3. Boot the PC with the USB stick that was created earlier
4. Run these commands at the FreeDOS prompt:

1 fpt -me -f O990_fix.bin
2 fpt –greset

5. Shutdown the PC, and remove the Service Mode Jumper.

You should now have Full AMT!


Dell Optiplex 990: Enabling Full AMT ENABLE AMT