Dell PM871 SATA 2.5 (Samsung EVO 850) cannot flash to Lenovo newer firmware


I’ve read the “Firmware Updates for Samsung M.2/PCIe SSDs (where to get and how to do)” thread through with great interest. I’ve a Dell OEM PM871 MZ7LN512HCHP-000D1 standard sata 2.5" 7mm SSD that is on EMT03D0Q firmware. Lenovo have an EMT05L0Q that appears to be a newer version.

I’ve tried modifying the below lines in the file in the Lenovo SSD util but the utility only ever says “no newer firmware” with the buttons grayed out.

; #### Samsung PM871 #####
“SAMSUNG MZ7LN512HCHP-000L1”,“EMT03L0Q”,“EMT04L0Q”,“EMT04L0Q_03150601_DL.ENC”,“fwwinupdater_v11.exe”,"",“S”,“Samsung”
“SAMSUNG MZ7LN512HCHP-000L1”,“EMT04L0Q”,“EMT05L0Q”,“EMT05L0Q_NF_ENC.ENC”,“fwwinupdater_v11.exe”,"",“S”,"Samsung"

Do I have any way of forcing flash to the Lenovo?


I’m waiting for a shipment for PM871b and will use it on non-OEM systems. I’m wondering what’ll be the firmware status.

yeh cool. Dell PM871s?

Also, what does the "b" addition to the model denote?

No idea. Listing didn’t have any details. I’m not even sure whether I’m getting the sata or m.2 connector. It’ll be a surprise :slight_smile:

It’s a later model with 64 layer nand. (…4/post-21728283)

Got a Lenovo PM871b, dated Feb 2020, FW MVT04L0Q. part number is MZ7LN128HAHQ-000L2.

I don’t know if a newer firmware exists. I read the M.2 thread but I couldn’t make any sense of firmware version naming scheme. But I doubt there’s one because manufacturing date is quite recent.

I have 5 ssd Samsung MZ7LN128HCHP-000L1 with FW EMT03L0Q
I my case I downloaded ssd firmware update utility from Lenovo ThinkPad T450 support site (utility named FWSD48)
run fwwinsd.exe and it offered me to update to EMT04L0Q and after update and PC shut down - I ran this utility again - and it offered me to update to EMT05L0Q. !!!
I updated to EMT05L0Q.