Dell PowerEdge R730 - BIOS 2.7.1 - Add support for A0/A1 stepping


I’ve purchased a Dell PowerEdge R730 server with BIOS 2.0.1, which has support for A0/A1 stepping Broadwell CPUs (CPUID 406F0). I need firmware 2.4.3 or newer because of a bug causing crashes and has therefore modified 2.7.1 and added the Microcode from 2.0.1.

All well and good, the missing Microcode has now been added (replaced an entry I did not need), but there seems to be a block in the BIOS, with the following exact message:
Fatal Error. Broadwell A0/A1 stepping CPU not supported. Please replace CPU

I have found this error message in the BIOS, but I have no clue as to where I find the reference to this error, or where to disable it. Could anyone please help me out? Attached is the 2.7.1 (newest) BIOS with modified Microcode whi has 406F0 added.

You can pass check but ES CPU can’t be used by this BIOS.
Use old version BIOS or buy new CPU. It’s cheaper that BIOS mod.…ver-rent-lease/